About Us

MSTech Company is a leading provider of Technical software and also an engineering consultancy. Our head office is located in Sultanate of Oman and we set a new vision to bring the Technical software to the next level by implementing the application framework that can host a variety of software engineering tools.
This new vision leads us to incorporate MSTech to fill the gap between Engineers and computer programmers. Our team members have full spectrum skills and experience such as:  geotechnical, civil, IT, Chemical Engineering, marketing and business development.

MSTech is a company which aims at designing and developing construction and engineering projects. MSTech has been grounded on the basis of initiatives, values and new approaches, employing cutting edge software and hardware facilities at the service of developing and stabilizing the principles of efficiency and productivity in all stages of the project.

Furthermore, our young, skillful and experienced team of experts and engineers have always been an asset to the company.

Nowadays, technical software is in the spotlight in the world of science and technology. It is a crucial role in expediting the speed of tasks and calculations which would have otherwise been a laborious one. Therefore, MSTech is embarking on producing technical software beside its main construction projects role.

MSTech staff, as a team, have more than 20 years of experience in civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, environment engineering, Chemical Engineering, software development, IT governance and management.

MSTech team has extended expertise in both computer programming and civil engineering.

Since 2011, we have designed and developed technical and general software and we have created the smart software in the field of managing and controlling road construction executive operations, in an unprecedented attempt in the world and by a team of creative and capable experts of the field.

We are engineers specialized in software development and our professional team can help you to increase the efficiency of your work by automating calculation processes.

An active communication among us will help to develop better software products. Please do not hesitate to contact us about all kind of features you need. Our technical support personnel will contact you to discuss about them.