Easy Desktop Organizer Pro Plus Changelog

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Easy Desktop Organizer Pro Plus Changelog

Version 3.1.1 (2021-12-12)

  1. Open File/Folder Location in AppBar Window now opens the shortcut folder instead of the EDO window root folder. (Fixed)
  2. Colors Dialog Copy (Fixed)
  3. Drag & Drop Window (Improved)

Version 3.0 (2021-12-01)

  1. Complete User Interface Redesign (Upgraded)
  2. Ability to import from v2.9 (Added)
  3. Ability to set Master Password to use on the software (Added)
  4. Drag & Drop File(s) and Folder(s) over AppBar (Improved)
  5. Automatic Backup on Exit (Added)
  6. Hotkeys (Added)
  7. Set Folder Icon & Description Based on the linked EDO Window Icon and Title (Added)
  8. AppBar (Improved)
    • Pagination for AppBar when you have too many windows (Added)
    • Ability to Show / Hide Text on AppBar (Added)
    • Add four (3) different sizes for AppBar icons (small, medium, large) (Added)
    • Ability to use translucent background mode (Added)
  9. This PC access in AppBar (Improved)
    • More commands added to explorer (Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename, Delete, New Folder) (Added)
    • Quick Access to Most Common Users Folders (Documents, Music, Downloads, etc.) (Added)
    • File Explorer (Improved)
    • Ability to select the view mode in file explorer (Details, Small Icon, Large Icon, List, Tile) (Added)
  10. Vault (New - Password Manager) (Added)
    • Record and access to all your passwords in one place
    • Password Generator
    • Username Generator
    • Password Strength Control
    • Import from Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge
    • Quick Search From your Browser using the Hotkey
  11. My Tasks (Improved)
    • Ability to create a project
    • Ability to add tasks and subtasks
    • Better Task List Preview
  12. Notes (Improved)
    • User Interface Updated
    • Ability to store text in the software or any place on your computer (Added)
    • AutoSave feature to prevent you from losing your changes (Added)
  13. ClipBoard (Improved)
    • Clipboard History Engine (Improved)
    • Preventing from adding duplicate images (Added)
    • Clipboard Window to easily copy your contents in your document (Added)
  14. Search / Quick Access (Improved)
    • Interface Updated
    • Quick Access to User's Common Directories (Added)
    • Quick Access to Notes and Tasks (Added)
    • Quick Access to MS Windows WordPad, Note Pad, Calculator (Added)
    • Ability to Search in One or All Windows (Improved)
  15. Player (Improved)
    • Interface Updated
    • Save Current Playlist and load on next software start
    • Ability to browse files or folders
    • Ability to save the current playlist as a Playlist file (*.m3u)
    • Shuffle and Repeat Options Added
  16. Colors (Improved)
    • Pick Colors from any point on your screen
    • Improved Color Combination Engin
    • Picked Color History (Added)
    • Access to Color Dialog for more advanced options (Added)
    • Ability to copy the colors in various types (RGB, Hex, CMYK) (Added)
    • Ability to pick the color using the "Eye drop" or "Hotkey" (Added)
  17. Capture (Screenshot Tools) (Added)
    • Full Screen
    • Active Window
    • Selected Area
    • Selected Object
    • Various Output Modes (Clipboard, MSTech Editor, AutoSave)
  18. Basket (Improved)
    • Better Basket Viewer and Access
    • Ability to Transfer the selected basket using DragDrop
    • Floating Basket Window Improved
  19. EDO Window (Improved)
    • Stick to Desktop
    • Better Explorer
    • Different View Modes
    • Better Alignment Engine
    • Access to Windows From Any Software Section
    • Better Translucent Background
  20. Floating Button(Added)
    • Ability to most parts of the software using a simple button
    • Add File(s) and Folder(s) to the basket, categorize them in EDO Windows or transfer them to any location on your computer by dropping them over the Floating Button
    • Ability to show/hide any window
  21. Wallpaper/Background Center (Improved)
    • Background Designer (Improved)
    • Background Collection Upgraded, you can now create as many wallpaper collections as you want (Improved)
  22. Sidebar(Added)
    • More Quick Access to MS Windows tools
    • Ability to add up to 22 items (apps, files, or folders) to SideBar Quick Launch
    • Drag & Drop Ability (same as AppBar)
    • Access to Backgrounds
    • Access to Capture (Screenshot Tools)
    • Command Bar
      • Execute Commands same as Windows Run or CMD
      • Use to search in EDO Windows
      • Perform Internet Search (Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube)
    • Password Bar
      • Quick access to recorded passwords to copy Username or Password
      • Access to Vault to save a new record
      • Or generate a new Password
    • Tasks Bar
      • Access to your current running task
      • Ability to change the task state
      • Ability to switch between tasks
    • Date & Time Bar
      • Access to 4 Different Time Zones based on user's selection
      • Access to your schedule filled with your tasks (if the dates are set by the user)
    • Windows & Shortcuts Bar
      • Access to This PC functionality right through the SideBar
      • Access to Windows Contents
      • Ability to use Drag & Drop to transfer or categorize file(s) & folder(s)
      • Access to Notes
      • Access to Tasks
    • Player Bar (same as AppBar)