Easy Desktop Organizer v1.9.10

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Easy Desktop Organizer v1.9.10

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New Features Added:

  1. Five default windows (Programs, Folders, Music, Videos and Documents)
  2. Pin/Unpin each window (Lock the selected window on your desktop)
  3. New background section (speed improved)
  4. Automatically hide categorized icons on the desktop
  5. Add access to hidden/open windows
  6. Prevent Alt+F4 key from closing the software or each window
  7. Drag & Drop to add images to "My Background."
  8. Drag & Drop to add MSTech backgrounds
  9. Align all open windows (EDO windows) on your desktop
  10. Ability to show/hide all windows by one click
  11. Reset to default button in "Window Settings Dialog"
  12. Not hiding the categorized items on the Desktop


  1. Software Startup
  2. Hiding/Opening Windows Speed
  3. Loading background thumbnail speed


  1. Remove file extension on the list window
  2. Change wallpaper for MSTech HD Wallpapers (backgrounds)
  3. Single-click mode issue
  4. Open windows mode (normal or minimal) (if the last state for the window was in minimal is now opened in the proper size)
  5. Restore the file/folder default state (hidden / normal) when deleting a group
  6. Restore the file/folder default state (hidden / normal) when closing the software
  7. Loading icons issues from Program Files in Windows 10 x64