Easy Desktop Organizer

How to organize your messy desktop?

Watch the video to see how

What it does and how?

It lets you have a clean and well organized desktop while you have access to all you important and common data (files, folders and applications)

Note: You don't need to do much, just run the software and give the command.

MSTech EDO Pro Change Log

VERSION (2020-05-31)
  • MSTech EDO APP Bar (Updated)
  • MSTech EDO  Basket (Added)
  • MSTech EDO App Bar Drag&Drop to Basket (Added)
  • MSTech EDO App Bar Drag&Drop to Categorize (Added)
  • MSTech Note (Added)
  • MSTech Clipboard Saver (Added)
  • MSTech Basket Context Menu - Windows Context Menu (Added)
  • MSTech App Bar Color Option (Added)
  • MSTech Pack Items into Folder - Windows Context Menu (Added)
  • Software Performance (Improved)
  • Auto Remove Invalid Windows (No Named Windows) (Fixed)
VERSION 1.18.79 (2020-05-18)
  • Global Search in the categorized items (not moved items) (Added)
  • Context Menu on EDO Sidebar (Added)
  • Add New Group (Fixed)
VERSION 1.17.70 (2020-05-06)
  • ToDo List (v1.0) (Added)
  • EDO Sidebar (Added)
  • Ability to assign icons for each window (Added)
  • Background Designer (Improved)
VERSION 1.16.55 (2020-04-06)
  • Add new window based on the current window size (when creating a new window / group) (Added)
  • Define window order to align on the screen (Added)
  • Add color palette to group Settings (Added)
  • Background Designer (Added)
  • Add "Set as Background" button on wallpaper window (Added)
  • Bring the open window to the front on the Software Startup (Fixed)
  • Save window size and state after aligning them on the screen (Fixed)
  • Quick Categorize (Improved)
Move all your data from the desktop to categorized folders gives you a clean desktop
Speed Up
Transferring the data to any location rather than your desktop helps the OS load faster
Better Focus
A clean and well organized environment (desktop) helps you to focus on your tasks
Quick Access
All your data are a few clicks away from you, no need to minimize all windows to reach them

Step by Step to a Clean Desktop

Download & Install

Download the software from here and install it on your computer

Register as Full or Trial

Check here to see how to activate as Trial or here to see how you can activate as full version

Run the software

Open the EDO, set the "My EDO Desktop" path, create and set the proper categories


Categorize all the data and enjoy the clean and beautiful desktop (Coming Soon)

Quick Access

Access to all categorized items using the EDO sidebar, Global Search or windows on your desktop

And much more

And after all we have lots of background images, desktop ideas and themes

How it will help you to improve your performance

1- Well organized desktop means more speed for your PC
2- Easier and faster access to your categorized items
3- Focus Better on your task

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Why EDO Pro?

1- Easily Clean and Organize Your Desktop
2- Create Access to Your Most common and Important Documents All Over Your Computer
3- Manage Your Tasks Using the Embedded Self Task Manager
4- Easy Access to Your Categorized Data using EDO Sidebar
5- Adjust and design your wallpapers using the EDO Wallpaper Designer
6- Enjoy the free premium wallpaper projects from MSTech Website
and etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many windows I can create in MSTech EDO Pro?

You can create unlimited number of windows to categorize your documents.

Does MSTech EDO Change the Wallpaper / Background Automatically?

Yes, MSTech EDO Pro changes the desktop wallpaper based on the time period selected by the user.

Can I use my images to set as background in MSTech EDO?

Yes, You can add as many images as you want on "My Backgrounds" window in MSTech EDO

Can I use a fixed image as desktop background?



Regular Price: $25.00

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Buy now and enjoy a clean & well organized desktop

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