Image Resize

How to resize your images as you like?

Watch the video to see how

What it does and how?

It lets you resize, convert and adjust your images in various easy ways

Folder Icon Lite Preview

Resize your images in various was and options
Compress the image file size in one click
Easily convert your images between common formats
Adjust Images
Adjust brightness, contrast in single or batch mode

Step by Step to a Resized, Converted or Adjusted Image

Download & Install

Download the software from here and install it on your computer

Register as Full or Trial

Check here to see how to activate as Trial or here to see how you can activate as full version

Run the software

Open the Image Resize, select your desired command (resize, convert, adjust)

Browse your images

Browse your images from your hard drive

Adjust the options

Set the options based on the selected command (resize, convert, etc.)


Apply the selected action and save the files where ever you like on your computer.

How it will help you to improve your performance

1- Change the look of your desktop and computer
2- Distinguish Your Desired Folder In a Second Using Customized and Relative Icon
3- Categorize Folders using Custom Icons, Image Overlays, Thumbnails and Merge Icon

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Why MSTech Image Resize?

1- Various Resize Options
2- Image Compression
3- Single & Batch Mode
4- Adjust Image Properties (brightness, contrast, etc.)
5- Apply custom filters
6- Convert image formats
and etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I create icon packs from my images or icons?

Yes, with MSTech Folder Icon Pro you can create icon packs from any source you like (images, icons, exe files, dlls, etc.)

Can I add text (write text) on my folder icon?

Yes, using Icon Factory, you can write any text you like.

Does MSTech Folder Icon Supports Folder Thumbnail?

Yes, if the selected folder icon template supports the thumbnail, MSTech Folder Icon will apply the Folder thumbnail automatically. Also you can choose any custom file as thumbnail or remove the thumbnail if needed.

Does MSTech Folder Icon Pro Supports SVG files?

Yes. It supports SVG files, and also you can edit the selected SVG file colors to match with your design.


Regular Price: $20.00

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