MSTech Folder Icon Basic

Say goodbye to the boring folder icon

Say Goodbye to the boring windows folder icon

Change your windows' folder icon in the easiest way.

Folder Icon Basic is a handy software which makes you able to change any folder icon on your windows quickly.

Integrating Colored Folder icons into the windows Right-Click Menu gives you the ability to change any folder icon quickly just by one click, so you won't need to open additional windows to do it.

With MSTech Folder Basic you will be able to categorize your folders by colors. Two more additional MSTech folder Icon packs give you more options to categorizing your folders and also your desktop looks more attractive as well.

How the MSTech Folder Basic Icon is easy to use.

To change your folder icon with MSTech Folder Icon Basic, just simply right-click on the folder, Select "MSTech Folder Icon" on the windows context menu and click on your favorite icon.


Windows Shell Integration (Advanced Right Click Menu)

You will be able to have up to 2 more packs as the MSTech Folder Icon Basic sub-menus on windows right click beside the main favorite icons' list.

Icon Library (MSTech Icon Packs)

MSTech Folder Icon comes with three Icon Packs (For MSTech Folder Icon Basic)

Windows Default Icons

MSTech Folder Icon loads the windows default icons based on the installed version of your operating system, and it means you can change your folder icon through the software using windows default icons.

Windows Shell Menu Settings

MSTech Folder Icon makes the user able to change the Windows Context menu settings by selecting the main Icon pack and specifying the extra packs.

Hardware Requirements:

  • O.S: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • HDD: 100MB (min)
  • Ram: 2GB

Software Requirements:

  1. Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0

1- Activation Process (Improved)
2- List View for "Select Folder" (New)
3- Changing desktop folders' icon using windows right click (Improved)