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MSTech Words

An alternative to MS Office Word, with all tools you need to compose your documents.

Some of the features:
1- Font and Paragraph Styles
2- Tables, Pictures, Bookmark, Hyperlink
3- Header & Footer
4- Page Numbers & Table of Contents
5- Page Layouts (Column, Break, Size, Orientation, etc.)
6- Review & Comments

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MSTech Spreadsheet

With this app, create your tables, charts, graphs and calculations simple and easy.

Some of the features:
1- Cell Format & Styles
2- Formulas and Calculations
3- Images, Insert & Modify Charts
4- Review & Comments
5- Sheet & Workbook Protection
6- Page Layout (Orientation, Size, Print Area, etc.)

MSTech PDF Reader

It's a simple app which helps you to read your PDF files.

Some of features:
1- Support Password Protected PDFs
2- Ability to Search in PDFs
3- Rotate Pages

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