MSTech Password Manager Basic

MSTech Password Manager is a user friendly software which helps you to keep all your passwords encrypted and secure on your PC. Ability to generate high secure usernames and passwords, and having quick access to them makes MSTech Password Manger a very useful software for any computer user.

By using MSTech Password Manager, you can store all your passwords. You will be able to have quick access to them and easily drag and drop them to the related fields within few clicks. With MSTech Password Manager, you can record all your passwords in different categories (Website Logins, Card Details, and Applications). Also, you can classify the details in groups for each category.


Securely store your user-name and password logins encrypted on your PC

Securely store your passwords, websites addresses, card details and software logins on your PC. You will always be sure no one can access them except you.

Keep all your password and data, secure on your PC

 No need to store your passwords on servers, just keep them safe on your PC.
Get all your passwords into the MSTech password manager's encrypted storage on your PC.

Generating high secure user-names and passwords

Don’t use same passwords for different logins.
Don't make the work easy for hackers and use strong passwords.
Maybe using a simple password is easy to remember but it makes the work easy to hackers, on the other hand, strong passwords are difficult to remember.
You can generate unique strong password each time using MSTech Password Manager and efficiently have a different strong, complicated password for each site you visit.

Password strength checker

Ability to check the strength of any password. 
Evaluate how much your password is strong and safe then use it 

Ability to backup your passwords. (Encrypted)

You can back up your stored encrypted passwords and restore them anytime 

Easy Drag & Drop user-name and password

No need to type user-name and password 
Just drag and drop user-name and password to the related field

Recording applications and software user-name and password


Floating window

Gives you quick access to all software features in one right click

History log

You can have access to the software history log

Simple and quick search in all recorded passwords

Lock mode

To protect your privacy when you are not at your desk

Hardware Requirements:

  • O.S: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • HDD: 100MB (min)
  • Ram: 2GB

Software Requirements:

  1. Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0