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There are hundreds of scenarios where finding a document in the shortest possible time is essential.
Just think of a work presentation, a file for an upcoming deadline, or an important download that ended up in some folder because maybe you got distracted before clicking on “Save”.
And then, let’s be serious, the download folders have so many files such that trying to find a file in there is like trying to look for a needle in a haystack. Do you remember that file you thought you didn’t need anymore, and you saved it in the umpteenth “Untitled” folder?
Imagine if right now, you, your boss or someone else needed that file urgently. And you find yourself spending hours and minutes doing cross-searches and checking every possible folder on your PC. Yet, despite the minutes if not the hours spent searching, you couldn’t find the file you were looking for.

The Windows search system has many problems, first of all, it is very slow. Imagine having to find a file in a folder full of documents and having to wait for minutes for windows to find the file.
The story gets complicated if you don’t know the folder that contains the file. Try to use the basic search tool on the entire hard disk of your PC, and it will take hours.
Even worse when you don’t know the name of the file. Of course, maybe you remember the format or part of the name, but this will not make the Windows search easier or faster. In the worst case, it could even make it slower.
Trying to do an advanced search is extremely slow as a process, and if the PC you use is a few years old and is not as fast as it used to be, then doing an advanced search with filters becomes impossible.

Don’t worry; we’ve got a solution.

– What is the only solution that can solve all your problems?
– MSTech Search in contents makes your searches easy, intuitive, and instantaneous.
** Imagine being able to find a document file just by remembering some words contained in it.
** PDF, HTML, PPT? It doesn’t matter. This software can do this and much more.
** Use the advanced search to enter all the details you remember from the file, press enter, and there is the file you are looking for.
** At work, at home or in the office, finding an urgent file will no longer be a problem.