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Why EZ Social Media Content Maker?

Social Media Templates

Explore our pre-designed social media templates to create stunning Instagram posts, Facebook cover photos, YouTube channel art, Pinterest graphics, and more. Brand your social media profiles with our ready-to-use assets that fit your style and goal.

We regularly release new templates, layouts, and ideas which, you will receive the notifications through email, desktop push notification, or in-app messages.

Premium and Free Templates

Our template center covers all your needs in any field (designing a business card, a letterhead, poster, post, page cover, greeting card, and etc.) In our free section, you will have access to only one layout, and also you can only change the text and some parts of the design.

But, in premium templates, you will access to all sizes and layouts, and you can fully customize the template. You can change the color, font, size, and shape of each element.

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Design from Scratch

You can use ready templates and replace the content with your, or you can design it from scratch.

Select your preferred layout size and start creating your art.

And use all the drawing tools to make that happen.

Free & Premium Clipart

To boost your design speed, you have access to our astounding graphic source right in the software. It is well organized, means you can search for your desired item, and add it to your project. Access to all SVG vectors, shapes, and photos, all in one click.

Embedded SVG Editor

MSTech Social Content Maker comes with a built-in SVG editor, which you can easily change its colors. Also, in the next version, you will be able to even customize the selected SVG element.

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No Font Limit

There is no limit for the used font in our designs. If you have the font on your system, you can use it in your design. (Still, you have to follow the Font Copyright Rules)

Easy Layout Transformation

All our templates are comprehensively designed to match with all social media network standards. If one social media supports various sizes or layouts to post your content, we have already adjusted that template, so it matches with all of the post sizes.

(For instance, Facebook supports the following layouts:

  • Page cover
  • Two different image sizes for Facebook posts
  • Profile picture.

Apart from the profile picture (mostly your brand logo or your photo), you have access to the Page Cover, and the Two Post sizes all at the same time. In other words, when you choose a template, you can use that on any part of your social media with no hassle.)

Also, each template supports various sizes and layouts, so you can easily select the proper size or layout based on your demand and design.

Furthermore, you can prepare one post for several social media at the same time with the constant update feature of the software. It will automatically update the contents based on your current design view, so you won’t need to enter the same content again.

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Advanced Export

In the end, you can export your design in various formats. If you need it as an SVG file or event you want to use it as part for your other projects in other software (Photoshop, etc.), just select the desired output format and save the file.

Import from Other Sources

Easily import your design from other software like Photoshop, and continue your project in the MSTech Social Media Content Maker.

Import from Projects

No need to rework what you have done before, simply import your previous designs in your current project in a few clicks.

Project Management

Manage all your projects in one place, with the ability to search and access to all old and recent projects.

You can search using one or all of the items listed below to find your project:

  • Title
  • Social media
  • Project Size
  • Tags
  • Dates (Events or posting date)
  • so you never lose your time and effort.

Personal & Network Edition

Using the personal edition, you can store all your projects, clip arts, and videos on one computer, while with the network edition, you will access your projects over a local network (in an office or your home).

Branding and Watermarks

Easily apply your branding and watermark on your contents (no matter it’s an image or a video file), select your desired template and press apply.

You can also add your customized intro (opening) and out through (end screen) to your videos.

Media Library

Along with the free and premium embedded stacks of photos, elements, and shapes, you can add your media sources as “My Media Library” and use it in your designs.

Photo Filters & Adjustment Tools

Access to a list of +90 filters (oil painting, noise, sepia, and etc.) and adjustment (brightness, contrast, and etc.) tools with the software so you can create better content without the need for any third-party application.

Layer Mask Tool

Easily change the shape of your desired image to fit your design using the mask tool.

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Text Support, Style & Effects

Write whatever you need. Easily add a text layer and enter your content. With its powerful text editor, you can add your text in any language you want. (Both RTL and LTR language are supported.)

Along with the image filters, you also have access to pre-designed text filters. You only need to select your text layer and apply the effect (3D, Arc, and etc.). It also supports the writing on any custom path, you draw your line and select it as a drawing path for the text. Simple and easy.

Social Media Management

Easily access all your accounts in one place and control them within the software, track the progress and keep track of all your activities (users’ engagement, comments, shares, likes, and etc.)

Social Media Recorder

Easily surf the internet and any social media and download whatever you like in your media library using the built-in download manager, and categorize it for your future creations.

Post & Contents Idea

If you need a hand on a topic to create your next content, you can use the software Post Wall, search in predefined categories or enter your desired subject and see what others designed.

Event Calendar

Never miss any event from this point forward, and be prepared for anything coming us on the calendar.

Using the Event Calendar, you can create your content beforehand and publish them on time. Also, you can add your custom events (such as company founding date, birthday, and etc.)

Webpage Layout Design Tools

Not even you can create your social media posts, but also you can use it to design any webpage or email template.

Then, save your design as a proper HTML file (Html and CSS).

Template Market

If you are a designer, you can also sell your creations on our Template Market.

You can create a contributor account, and publish your design as free or paid template.

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Quote Database

You want to inspire your audience, you can take a look in our Quote Database and search in your desired topic (love, sport, business, and etc.), and add the selected quote to your design.

Direct Posting

Post your creation on your pages and social media, right from the software in one click. You can post one by one or all social media at once.

Scheduled Posting

Never forget to post your content. You can post your project as soon as you created it or schedule it for a later date and time.

Advanced Post Scheduling

What if you want to regulate a series of posts at once for a specific page or account? For instance, post three different contents three hours apart, every 2 days in a role.

Using MSTech Social Media Content Maker, you can easily create several tasks and leave the posting of your content to the software.

Mobile App & SAAS

Easily create your content from your mobile phone or using our Content Center Website using a unified user account.

Designers Community

Either you are a beginner or a professional social media content maker, you always need to reach a bigger audience to maximize your outcome. You can use the MSTech Designer community to find relative social media content makers and cooperate with them.

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